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100% Vegan Dishes

Welcome to Vedge Bohol, the ultimate plant-based dining destination on the stunning island of Bohol. We proudly serve a diverse array of 100% vegan dishes, showcasing the rich flavors and versatility of plant-based cuisine for locals and international visitors alike.

The Story of

Our Restaurant

We believe in the power of plants to transform the way we eat and live. Our talented chefs use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, blending traditional Filipino flavors with modern techniques for an exceptional dining experience. Our eco-conscious restaurant provides a warm, friendly atmosphere where you can savor delicious meals while supporting local farmers and environmental initiatives. Join us at Vedge Bohol for an extraordinary vegan dining experience that unites food enthusiasts in the pursuit of a compassionate, sustainable world. Discover the irresistible world of plant-based cuisine with us today!

What we offer

Delicious Food

Escape to a Plate of Perfection: Where Delicious Memories Are Crafted.

Fresh Juices

Farm to Bottle Magic: Discover the Taste of Organic Fresh Juices

100% Plant-Based

Plants on Your Plate: Elevate Taste with 100% Plant-Based Excellence.

Tasty Breakfasts

Start Your Day Right with Delicious Delicacies: Breakfasts That Make Mornings Shine.​

Discover Our

Great Flavors

overnight oats

Wholesome wonders while you sleep: Vegan overnight oats crafted for your morning joy.


Bite into nature’s best: vegan couscous delivers more than just a meal – It’s an experience!


Elevate your vegan experience: Try our unforgettable plant-based Pasta Bolognese, crafted with dedication.

vegan burger

Burgers, redefined: Experience the culinary magic of our vegan masterpiece, crafted just for you.

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