Authentic Vegan Dishes

with a twist

Vedge Bohol: Indulge in Authentic Vegan Delights at Our Restaurant!

Breakfast Selections

  • Overnight Oats PhP 189.00

    Energize your mornings with our Vegan Overnight Oats! A delightful fusion of nutrition and taste, our creation unites hearty rolled oats and your preferred plant-based milk, left o meld overnight for a creamy delight. Enjoy a bowl bursting with your fruits, a breakfast experience with a symphony of taste and healthful goodness.

  • Granola with fruits PhP 199.00

    Savor nature's goodness with our vegan granola oats. Crunchy granola meets juicy fruits for a delightful breakfast. Pure simplicity in every bite.

  • tofu scramble PhP 160.00

    Enjoy our plant-based twist on a timeless favorite. Fluffy tofu, sauteed veggies, and a savory spices create a satisfying scramble. A hearty breakfast to fuel your day.

  • smoothie bowl PhP 170.00

    A symphony of colors, textures, and pure plant-based goodness that will awaken your senses and your morning spirit. Filled with fruits and nuts to boost your day!

  • banana pancakes PhP 140.00

    Golden and tender, these delights infuse your day with a dose of natural sweetness. Breakfast perfection and goodness in every bite.

  • avocado toast PhP 99.00

    Enjoy our Avocado Tomato Toast: creamy, avocado, fresh tomatoes, on hearty toasted bread. Perfect for breakfast or a satisfying snack.


  • Arancini PhP 120.00

    Classic arancini: crispy, savory bites of joy with a plant-based twist. Indulge in these flavorful rice balls, ideal for a guilt-free snack or appetizer.

  • Crostini PhP 120.00

    Enjoy these yummy crostini topped with a mix of nature-friendly ingredients. A tasty appetizer that adds a kind-hearted twist to your snacking.

  • Mushroom Ravioli PhP 190

    Savor the deliciousness of vegan mushroom ravioli: tender pasta pockets filled with rich flavors. A delightful plant-based choice that brings comfort in every little bite.

Made with love


  • Chickpea PhP 160.00

    Wholesome chickpea pasta swirled in a variety fusion of zesty tomato and rich peanut butter. A symphony of flavors that's delightfully vegan and utterly satisfying.

  • Pasta Bolognese PhP 160.00

    Enjoy these yummy crostini topped with a mix of nature-friendly ingredients. A tasty appetizer that adds a kind-hearted twist to your snacking.

  • Pesto Pasta PhP 180

    Savor the taste of nature with our vegan pesto pasta, a captivating blend of herbs and pasta in a perfect dance of aroma and delight.

Filipino rice bowls

  • Kare-Kare PhP 170.00

    Taste Filipino joy with our Vegan Kare-Kare! Nutty, rich, and purely plant-based.

  • Wholesome Sisig PhP 180.00

    Savor a modern twist on a Filipino classic: Tofu Sisig with mushrooms! It's a flavor fiesta, perfectly balancing sizzle and spice in every bite.

  • Tofu Adobo PhP 180.00

    Taste the coziness of home with our Tofu Adobo! A Filipino classic made vegan, it's all about savory and tangy flavors. Enjoy a plateful of tradition reimagined!

Burger selections

  • Tofish Burger PhP 180.00

    A fin-tastic plant-based twist on the classic fish burger. Served with tasty potato fries on the side. Dive in and enjoy a new kind of burger experience!

  • Veggie Burger PhP 180.00

    Savor goodness in every bite with our Veggie Burger! Packed with flavorful plant-based ingredients, it's a tasty delight for all burger lovers.

Something For The Soul


  • Chocolate Mousse PhP 99.00

    Savor pure chocolate bliss with our Chocolate Mousse. Silky, chocolaty, and 100% plant-based, it's a treat you won't believe is dairy-free. Dive into dessert perfection!

  • Mango Cheese Cake Php 110.00

    Experience tropical paradise with our Mango Cheesecake. Creamy, and mango-packed, it's a sweet treat for your taste buds. Indulge in this fruity delight!

  • Banana Bread PhP 49.00

    Enjoy a slice of pure comfort with our Banana Bread. Moist, fluffy, and bursting with banana goodness, it's a perfect delightful treat in every bite!


  • Protein Junkie PhP 150.00

    soymilk, banana, cashews, vegan protein powder

  • Choco PB PhP 120.00

    soymilk, banana cocoa, peanut butter

  • Tropical smoothie PhP 120.00

    soymilk, mango, banana, pineapple

  • Avocado coffee PhP 120.00

    soymilk, avocado, coffee

  • Coconut shake PhP 120.00

    soymilk, coconut meat

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