A New Choice for Plant-Based Dining in Panglao

Welcome to Vedgebohol. We’re excited to offer a dining experience that’s not just tasty, but
also mindful and responsible.

The Driving Force

Giorgio Mariotti

Introducing Giorgio Mariotti, the co-founder of Vedgebohol and a dedicated vegan for over half a decade. Although he’s well-known in Panglao as a freediving instructor, his personal journey for better health led him to embrace a vegan lifestyle. During the pandemic, he spent time watching documentaries like “The Game Changers”, “Forks Over Knives” and “Cowspiracy”, which opened his eyes to the broader issues surrounding meat consumption—especially its impact on the planet.

Why Vedgebohol Exists

In Panglao and the Philippines, vegan food is not as common, making it a challenge for those seeking plant-based options. It’s not that people are against it; most just haven’t had the chance to try it. Seeing this gap, Giorgio started Vedgebohol. Our goal is to offer delicious plant-based options in a place where they’re still rare, without passing judgement on those who haven’t yet embraced this way of eating. Giorgio envisioned Vedgebohol as a
welcoming space where anyone can come to satisfy their curiosity about plant-based cuisine, armed with a menu that proves how tasty and fulfilling this way of eating can be.

What We Offer

When you dine at Vedgebohol, you get more than just a meal—you join a community that's committed to making healthier, more sustainable choices. So come in, enjoy our menu filled with carefully crafted plant-based dishes, and be part of a small but important change—one plate at a time. We look forward to welcoming you to Vedgebohol and sharing this exciting journey towards better living and a more sustainable world

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